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Products Digital Function Generator

Model No.: MTQ 1001


0.1Hz to 1MHz frequency range

Sine/ Square/ Triangle waveforms

Frequency coverage in band switch with frequency multiplier & fine controls

The Digital Function Generator is a useful test instrument capable of generating multiple waveforms like sine, square and triangle at any required frequency, in switched decade sub-ranges. The generator has output banana sockets; and a maximum wave output of 100mV to 20 volts peak to peak, which may be adjusted by a variable potentiometer control. The Function Generator has a selection to switch from sine, square and triangle waveform. The frequency of the signal is set on a dial, along with a multiplier range switch.



Frequency range

0.1Hz to 1MHz in Six ranges


Wave forms

Sine, Square and Triangle and TTL output


Output amplitude          



DC Offset


0-20V peak to peak for Sine, Triangle

0-15V peak to peak for Square      


±10V with adjustable to 0V

Power Supply

220volts /50Hz, +-10%



Connecting lead with banana plug and crocodile

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