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Products Digital Distortion Meter

Model No.: DSM 201

The DISTORTION METER DSM-201 a highly selective balancing network is used to eliminate the fundamental frequency in the 20Hz to 20kHz band. The distortion products are fed to a stable high-gain wideband amplifier for indication on the meter. The amplifier is effective up to 200KHz and measurements are possible up to and including the tenth harmonic of 20KHz.

The balancing network is switched cover three-decade bands for measuring distortion levels whereby the signal the high-gain amplifier is used as a sensitive voltmeter. To facilitate tuning Output distortion BNC socket are provided for oscilloscope connection when observing the distortion components, which responds quickly to any change in tuning. This works in conjunction with the digital panel meter.




2%, 20% and 100% full scale


± 2% of full scale

Range of frequency

20Hz to 20KHz   (fundamental) in three bands

Input voltage range

50mV to 10.0volt

Input Impedance

100Kilo ohm; less than 5OpF in shunt

Fundamental rejection

Over 60 dB

Residual Distortion

Less than 0.05%

Power Supply

220volts / 50Hz; ± 10%



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