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Products Function Generator

Model No.: MTQ 201T

2Hz to 200KHz frequency range
Sine/ Square/ Triangle waveforms

The Function Generator MTQ 201T is a useful test instrument capable of generating multiple waveforms like sine, square and triangle at any required frequency, in switched decade sub-ranges. The generator has output banana sockets; and a maximum wave output of 100mV to 5 volts peak to peak, which may be adjusted by a variable potentiometer control. The Function Generator has a selection to switch from sine, square and triangle waveform. The frequency of the signal is set on a dial, along with a multiplier range switch.

The model provides an ideal signal source for testing of servo and vibrating systems, medical and geophysical equipment, audio amplifiers, transducer circuits, filter circuits etc. The Function Generator uses high performance low drift circuitry to ensure low distortion and frequency stability. The entire circuit is laid on high quality printed circuit board, which is epoxy masked and component numbers are marked on it, for easy maintenance and servicing.


Frequency range

2Hz to 200KHz in four decade ranges

Wave forms

Sine, Square and Triangle

Output amplitude          

100mV - 5V peak to peak variable           

Power Supply

220volts /50Hz, +-10%


Connecting lead with banana plug and crocodile

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