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Model No.: HDS 1021M Owon

HDS1021M, first colorful display handheld scope reserves all the measurement functions with 20MHz bandwidth at 100MS/s sample rate. Single channel minimizes the whole product energy consumption and shapes a friendly using environment. TFT true color display is a great challenge to all traditional low-cost handheld DSO with mono color display and optimize test condition. The combination of DSO and DMM highly improve test efficiency and convenience.

 Main Features

1. Autoscale 5. Single channel
2. 20 Automatic Measurements 6. Support USB for data transmission
3. 2 in 1(DSO+Multimeter) 7. TFT true color display(65535 colors)
4. Bandwidth: 20MHz 8. Replaceable li-ion battery back up (6 hours)


Bandwidth  20MHz 
Sample Rate ( Real time )  100MS/s 
Horizontal Scale(S/div)  5ns/div~100s/div,step by 1~2.5~5 
Rise time(at input, typical)  =17.5ns 
Display  3.5'' color TFT display  (320×240 pixels) 
Channels  Single 
Input impedance   1MO±2% in parallel with 20pF±3pF 
Record length  Max. 6000 points on each channel
Interpolation  (sin x)/x
Probe attenuation factor  1X,10X,100X,1000X
Input coupling  DC, AC, GND
DC accuracy(Average)  Average>16:±(3% reading+0.05div) for ?V 
Vertical Sensitivity (A/D)  5mV/div~5V/div (at input)
Vertical resolution 8 bit
Max. Input Voltage 400V (PK-PK) (DC + AC PK-PK, 1MO input impedance,Probe attenuation 10:1)
Trigger Type  Edge, Video
Trigger Mode  Auto, Normal, Single
Trigger level  ±6 divisions from screen center
Acquisition modes  Sample, Peak Detect and Average
DC gain accuracy  ±3% 
Waveform math  Unavailable 
Waveform storage  4 waveforms
Communication interface  USB
Power supply  100V-240V AC, 50/60Hz
Li-ion battery  7.4V, 6 hours operation

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