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Products Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AG Series)

Model No.: AG 4151

Main Features

- Advanced DDS technology, max 150MHz frequency output
- Up to 400MSa/s sample rate and 32bits frequency resolution
- Vertical Resolution : 14bits, up to 1M arb waveform length
- Comprehensive waveform output : Sine, Square, Ramp, Pulse,
   Noise, Sinc, Exponential Rise and Decay, 32 channels digital
   waveform, DC and user defined arbitrary waveform
- Comprehensive modulation function : AM, FM, PM, FSK, PWM,
   Sweep, Burst
- 4.0 inch high resolution (480×320 pixels) TFT LCD display



AG 4151



Sample rate


Frequency Resolution


Standard Waveform

Sine, Square, Pulse, Ramp, Noise

Arbitary Waveform

48 built-in and user defined arbitary

Frequency - Sine

1µHz - 150MHz

Frequency - Square

1ìHz - 50MHz

Frequency - Pulse

1µHz - 25MHz

Frequency - Ramp

1µHz - 1MHz

Frequency - Noise

50MHz (-3dB) (typical)

Frequency - Arb

1µHz - 10MHz

Wave Length

2 pts to 1M pts

Vertical Resolution


Non-Volatile Memory

26 waveforms

Amplitude Resolution

10mVPP - 10VPP (50Ù), 20mVPP - 20VPP (high impedance) 1mVPP or 14bits

DC Offset Range (AD+DC)

±5V (50O ) , ±10V (high impedance)

DC Offset Range Resolution

DC Offset Range Resolution

Load Impedance

50O (typical)

Modulation Waveform

AM, FM, PM, FSK, PWM,Linear / Logarithm Sweep and Burst

Modulation Frequency

2mHz - 20.00 KHz (FSK 1µHz - 100KHz)


4 inch (480×320) TFT LCD, Color


external modulation I/O external trigger input/output, and ext. reference clock I/O


USB Host, USB Device, RS232, LAN

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